Australia wants its own space agency and people have the perfect name for it

Although Australia’s planned space agency might take some time before it can catch up to NASA, it already has something good going for it: its (unofficial) name.

When news broke about the forthcoming government agency, supporters already went ahead and gave it a fitting name. A.R.S.E., which stands for Australian Research and Space Exploration.

Even though it doesn’t have a ‘.gov.au’ address, the organisation already has its own social media pages. If all goes well, it’ll have its own rockets and space shuttles soon!

“Australian Research & Space Exploration is an independent campaign designed to promote the space program and all related efforts in Australia. We support Australia’s commitment to space exploration, development and research,” A.R.S.E.’s statement reads.

“It’s a large but an important step to take. We believe it will be, ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for down under’.”

Getting the government to take the name A.R.S.E. seriously might seem impossible, but cheekier things have happened. We’re talking about you, ‘CU in the NT’ campaign.