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Watch: two naughty baboons get it on in front of a family and their baby

A family trip to the zoo had an unexpected educational segment on animal mating rituals when two adorable baboons got a little too amorous.

The viral video below shows a couple and their infant having a great time in what appears to be Knowlsey Safari Park in North West England.

Dad is appropriately chomping away at a banana, while mum does camera duties and makes sure the baby is enjoying safely in the back seat. The first unanticipated attack on decency comes from a baboon who takes a piss on the car’s side mirror. The whole family erupts into laughter, including the baby, who is clearly having a blast.

“That’s disgusting!” poignantly says mom.

Soon, the two monkeys step outside the windscreen and casually begin to mate right on top of the car’s bonnet.

“Oh my god! Oh my actual god” says dad, without missing a bite of his banana. Mum, on the other hand, is much more objective and observant, pointing out “His willy is awful.”

The parents are just aghast, left with nothing more to do than to laugh at such a passionate display. The baby, meanwhile, loudly chuckles away in amusement.

The torrid but short-lived affair ends abruptly, just as unceremoniously as it began. The two monkeys part ways because you know, too much to do, so much to see.

Devastating earthquakes, unprecedented hurricanes, and incompetent world leaders left and right. In a world where some days it seems like everything’s falling apart, it’s always good to be reminded that life is just a simple and fun ride. At the end, we’re nothing but animals.

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