Featured Image for Obama, Clinton and Bush all chilled out like bros without Trump

Obama, Clinton and Bush all chilled out like bros without Trump

If you were the good people of The United States, you’d be in a complicated relationship with your current partner, er, Commander-in-Chief. Now, imagine seeing your last three exes, having a grand time together. Ouch.

To close a devastating hurricane-filled month for the USA, and a week wherein the mainstream media held no punches in picking apart Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, the much-maligned President took another public relations uppercut. But this one, while sports-related, wasn’t about the NFL nor boxing.

The annual golf tournament Presidents Cup, one of the most American sporting events ever that’s pretty much ‘USA versus the rest of the world’, was graced by the last three heads of state: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama.

Posted by Presidents Cup on Thursday, September 28, 2017


They shook hands, took photos, and had a good ol’ time with golf stars, fans, and the press in a wonderful opening ceremony in Jersey City.

What we would’ve given to be a fly on the green, to listen in on what the trio must’ve discussed in their moments together. Any mention of 45? Who knows?

But if there’s anything the internet does best, it’s that even when life doesn’t provide lemons, it’ll make some darn lemonade. Check out some reactions:

Words were certainly not minced.

Now, President Trump is a very busy man these days, so he’s got a legitimate excuse for his absence.

More importantly, if you were wondering, it’s not like these ex-Presidents weren’t doing their part in light of recent events (i.e. disasters). And they brought a couple more friends along, take a look:

Your move, Donnie.


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