Do you like horror films? Adore bath bombs? Look no further

A California-based company is making waves on the internet with their series of terrifyingly adorable bath bombs inspired by classic horror movies. Their series includes Chucky, The Craft and Krampus.

Loquita Bath and Body is an indie company founded by Mira Perez. Loquita actually means “the little crazy” in Spanish, and by the look of their stock it seems they chose the perfect name.

Their products ingeniously mix pop culture with Mexican folklore, featuring bath bombs referencing everything from Jurassic Park to pop singer Soraya. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free, and start at $5.

Perez told lifestyle blog HelloGiggles about how her company came to be.

“Well the name came from my husband, he says I am a loca [crazy] which I have to admit, I can be a loquita in the best way possible. The brand, however, came because I was thoroughly mesmerised by these bath and body companies catering to the “goth” style and as much as I love the dark or obscure I didn’t feel like it screamed “ME!’ So, I decided to create bombs that were nostalgic and that I could identify with.”

As well as their horror line, they also have a range of bath bombs and scrubs shaped like Mexican pastries such as pan dulce, flan and gansito. They’re also making a splash with the release of a series of ’90s nostalgia products that honour all of your favourite youthful characters from Sailor Moon to the infamous rainbow unicorn courtesy of Lisa Frank Inc.

Perez says about her ’90s nostalgia line: “I am very excited about this launch, because it gives me an opportunity to show you how many levels I have; I am very versatile. Expect major nostalgia and flashbacks! Just bath bombs alone, there will be 20 new ones! The total amount of different products will be about 40. And we’re shouting out the biggest ’90s baddie, Soraya!”