A real-life ‘Fast and the Furious’ car chase happened at Tokyo’s famous intersection

Fortunately, unlike that scene in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, no one got hurt (or got killed by Jason Statham in an epic plot twist).

On Monday, pedestrians walking along Shibuya’s Scramble Intersection – that famous Tokyo landmark where hundreds of people make their way across a busy street – were almost run over by a car being chased by the cops.

CCTV footage of the incident shows a van speeding through a red light, nearly hitting the mass of people crossing the intersection. A police car gives chase, albeit slowly (politely even) to avoid running over someone.

A few seconds later, the van makes a U-turn and comes through the intersection again. As other pedestrians run for their lives, one man decides he’s had enough if this van’s BS and gives it a kick as it passes by. Unfortunately, unlike in Street Fighter, the kick wasn’t strong enough to take down the vehicle.

Deeming the chase too dangerous, the cops let the suspect get away, for now.

According to reports, the van was questioned by authorities during a routine traffic stop when it decided to speed away. The police are currently searching for the car and its owner.