Found At E Minor: Meet Spinbox, an affordable portable turntable made out of cardboard

Stephen Ying is a music producer that goes by the pseudonym of DJ QuestionMark. When he released his first vinyl album a few years ago, he noticed that although most of his friends bought it, they couldn’t listen to it because they didn’t have a turntable to put it on.

This inspired Ying to develop Spinbox, an accessible, easy to use turntable system with a base made out of cardboard.

“My friends were interested in vinyl, but felt that record players were inconvenient, pricey, or difficult to set up. So I decided to create a more approachable way to experience vinyl – a turntable that’s fun, affordable and easy for everyone to use.”

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The product stands out for having an extremely simple design, being portable and also capable of playing any type of vinyl, including 12 inch EPs and LPs. The built-in speakers allow you to use the player almost anywhere, as well as permitting it to output music from your phone or tablet via USB.

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The entire turntable has the area of a piece of A4 paper, and the Spinbox team claims that it’s sturdy enough even for DJs to do some scratching. The exterior is water resistant, highly customizable, and is initially available in three variaties.

The product, which creators claim went through a year of development and over ten iterations, was unveiled in a highly successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year that ended with pledges of more than $200,000 from 1866 backers.

Spinboxes will retail for $129 but are available on their Kickstarter page at $99 for a limited time. For $25 extra you will receive an additional stylus and record with music produced by Yin and a skipless scratch tool for DJs.

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