HBO’s limited-edition Jaime Lannister gold sneaker is to die for

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Jaime Lannister is a man of good taste (except when it comes to relationships). It’s evident in his choice of kicks – a golden shoe called The Kingslayer.

HBO, in collaboration with footwear designer label ‘Koio’, has launched a pair of trainers inspired by the morally ambiguous, incest-loving Game of Thrones character.

The shoe, which resembles the Nike low-top, features metallic gold leather uppers, a shining gold sole, and the House Lannister sigil on the heel. And in honour of his prosthetic hand, there are even tiny versions of it attached to the laces.

No need to rack up a debt just to buy this shoe. It’s not for sale, but rather, part of an Instagram promotion wherein 150 pairs will be given away. To enter, just repost the photo below from your own account with your shoe size and the hashtags ‘#kingslayer’ and ‘#myentry’. Then tag ‘@koiocollective’.

The sneakers are part of an ongoing HBO campaign called Rep the Realm, wherein various designers create merchandise inspired by the beloved George RR Martin series.