Found At E Minor: These amazing photographs capture what light cannot touch

Italian photographer and video artist, Chiara Borredon, specializes in capturing the hidden cracks of reality that cannot be seen by the lens of a camera. Fear, absence, loneliness … these are the preferred subjects of her work.

Borredon graduated from the International School of Photography at APAB in Florence and started her career capturing rock concerts and backstage punk moments before delving into staged artistic portraits.

Although she often dabbles in digital compositing, mixing her photographs with illustrated elements, her exploration is more conceptual than technical. Borredon shows a particular fascination for those elements that our eyes cannot grasp but that unquestionably have an a presence in our reality.

In her project, In Absentia, she captured scenes of abandonment in which her subjects are portrayed missing a special person in their lives. In her portraits, she tries to symbolize that emotional absence by integrating eerie shapes hand-drawn by illustrator and personal friend, Alessia Panariello.

FRYGT, which means terror in Danish, is another project about the unseen, where she captures her subjects looking straight at the lens with their fears and nightmares scribbled around them.

Contemporary life is so frenetic and challenging, we sometimes end up engaged in our own comfort zones without even knowing it. We polish and decorate our personal prison cells making them as pretty and warm as we can, sometimes in order to ease the pain or in some cases to ignore it all together.

Forget – me – not is one of her most lauded projects in which uses an Instantflex TL-70 camera to capture those personal cages that represent our safe zones.

Chiara doesn’t like bald heads, suffers from Trypophobia – an irrational fear of irregular patterns, holes or bumps – and has a strange fascination for dry leaves. Her work has been featured in many art magazines like Comò Mag, Frizzifrizzi and Combat Comics.

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