Gay teen receives the best text from his friend’s mum and we can’t stop laughing

We may have just discovered the world’s coolest mum. No joke, you need to see what she replied to her daughter’s gay friend.

We all know parents get a little funny with children’s sleepover parties. Girls and boys are never to be left alone in the same room at night. But when a gay teen wanted to attend a sleepover with his closest girl friends, he saw no problem with the idea and decided to ask the host’s mother if he could attend.

Of course, you would expect a pretty mixed response, particularly from those rather ‘close-minded’ parents out there. But the response this guy received is maybe the best thing to hit the internet all year.

Absolutely hilarious! The mother completely disregarded the awkwardness and went straight in for a humorous response. We love how the woman cut the crappy taboo and treated this young guy like a normal human being.

A round of applause, please.