Featured Image for Coke’s experiential advertising campaign lets you send your friends tooth decay

Coke’s experiential advertising campaign lets you send your friends tooth decay

Do you have someone you need to say thanks to? And more importantly, do you drink Coca Cola?

If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, you might be interested in Coke’s THX Box marketing campaign.

And yes, in this case THX means “thanks”, and has nothing to do with the George Lucas company of the same name.

This cute experiential advertisement from J. Walter Thompson, Brazil works like a vending machine, except you don’t buy a Coke to drink it, you buy a Coke to give to a friend. Buy one of the special Christmas Coke bottles to a THX box and put it into the slot, which allows you to record a personalised video while standing in the box, thanking someone in your life for whatever it is you’re grateful for.

The bottle and the video are then sent to the person you thanked, ideally directly to their doorstep – although Coke is careful to make it clear that this part will depend on where they live, so you might have trouble getting a message to your friend in Pyongyang or McMurdo Station.

The boxes were available in four major cities in Brazil last Christmas, and the campaign was a huge success – both in terms of customer engagement and industry recognition.

Of course, if you’d rather just be a normal person you could just send a thank you note to your friend. Or just, you know, call them on the phone? Email is also good for communication, in case you’re not familiar with that.

Communicating exclusively via coke bottles and THX Box videos doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to express your gratitude, and your teeth won’t thank you for it!