Featured Image for Vandals threw a brick through this rainbow house because some people simply have no heart

Vandals threw a brick through this rainbow house because some people simply have no heart

After decorating their Brisbane house with “Vote Yes” signs and rainbow banners, two women have had their windows smashed and been verbally abused.

Olivia Hill and Larissa Baldwin decorated their house with rainbow plaques and signs to show solidarity with the LGBTQI community over the course of the same-sex marriage postal survey.

Olivia was awoken from her sleep on Sunday night by a man yelling homophobic insults at her house. Whilst calling the emergency services, she heard a crash from her living room as a rock was hurled through her window. T

he man threw two more rocks through the window, terrifying Olivia and her dog.

Olivia also addressed the complaints about the text campaign that had been launched by YesEquality, comparing the reception of the messages to the rocks thrown through her windows.

Olivia’s roommate, Larissa Baldwin shared photos of the house and a heartfelt message to Equal Marriage Rights Australia’s Facebook page. The pair has since received loving and supportive messages via social media.

Baldwin explained: “We covered our house in signs to show love to LGBTQIA community, knowing how harmful this whole postal vote is for many”.

She elaborated that: “We’ve had so many positive experiences over the last couple of weeks from people stopping to take selfies, people tooting horns, yelling out thank you, yelling out yes, leaving love letters in our mailbox, stopping us at the mailbox to tell us they’re voting yes and knocking on our door to say hello.”

This incident comes just one day after another Brisbane Yes voter, Jessica Lette-Garvey, awoke to find swastikas spray-painted on her own rainbow decorations and garden fence.

Police say that other homes and businesses hanging rainbow flags in the area have also been targeted, vandalised with swastikas.

Despite Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s call for respectful debate, violence against LGBTQIA Australians is tragically abundant across the country.

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