These students are in trouble after spelling ‘RAPE’ at a football game

Trash talking is not uncommon in any sporting event, but four South Carolina high school kids went too far by advocating sexual assault in the process during a football game on Friday.

The incident happened during a game between Westside High School and D.W. Daniel High School. The students had spray-painted their torsos to spell out ‘BUMP CANCER’ in support of an annual Breast Cancer Awareness Night. Every touchdown from the match would benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

However, four of the students – two seniors and two sophomores – decided to play scrabble and jumbled the letters. The result of which spelled out ‘RAPE’, pertaining to their opponents.

A Snapchat photo of their gimmick, which had the caption “What we do to Daniel,” instantly went viral. It eventually reached school officials, who spent the weekend identifying the teens.

On Monday, the four boys and their parents were called in and informed of their punishment, though it wasn’t disclosed what specific sanctions were imposed.

“They have not been expelled, but they have been punished,” Kyle Newton, the spokesman for the school district, said. “This is not acceptable anywhere and anytime.

Newton added: “At best, what they did was offensive – at worst it could be traumatic for those who have suffered sexual assault. There is no place in any school or any community for those types of actions.”

According to district official Tom Wilson, the teens were “great students” and had never caused trouble before.

“They realize these boys made a bad decision and there’s consequences for it, so they’ve been dealt with appropriately and we’ll move forward,” he said.