‘Rick and Morty’ creator prank called Joel Osteen’s church and things got REALLY weird

“Rick and Morty” creator Justin Roiland had no way of knowing that by prank calling Joel Osteen’s “prayer line” he’d be subjecting himself to possibly the weirdest conversation…ever.

Roiland decided to prank call Osteen’s church about a week after the controversial televangelist received the wrath of social media. The trouble began after Osteen frankly revealed his hesitancy to open the Lakewood Church amenities to Hurricane Harvey victims, stating: “we are prepared to shelter people once the cities and county shelters reach capacity.”

Left feeling a bit feisty about the entire situation, Roiland was on one mission and one mission only: to prank call Lakewood Church’s prayer line.

Thank goodness he chose to do the call on his H3 Podcast, because if the call hadn’t been recorded or caught on camera, I don’t think the world would’ve believed how it went:

The jury is still out on this one. Was she speaking in tongues? Or simply babbling in baby talk?