Here’s how to make a deliciously scary ‘Pennywise’ cake

It looks like Pennywise the Dancing Clown doesn’t just appear in sewers anymore. He now also shows up in the kitchen.

To commemorate the film remake of Stephen King’s It, YouTube channel ‘Koalipops’ has come up with a recipe on how to make your very own Pennywise cake.

Don’t be scared, it’s actually pretty doable. You’ll just need to make a red velvet cake, fill it with vanilla buttercream, and start carving the demented clown’s face. Afterwards, add fondant to give it colour and texture. Finish by putting on Pennywise’s makeup and inserting fondant eyeballs.

So there you go, a Pennywise cake perfect for your next Halloween party. Now stop clowning around and get to work.

Via Design Taxi

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