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Guy spends two months making his CV look like a LEGO version of himself

Setting one’s self apart from other job applicants is hard, but 34-year-old Andy Morris’s imaginative CV will surely make employers see that everything about him is awesome.

The University of South Wales graduate has designed a CV that resembles a LEGO minifig. The character, which is a miniature representation of himself, is dressed in a red bomber jacket and a flat cap. It’s also holding a laptop and a CV.

The package, meanwhile, contains his personal info and cover letter.

LEGO CV by Andy Morris

Morris, who previously worked in finance, spent two months making the CV. This involved having to buy in bulk, as well as finding rare pieces, such as the bomber jacket.

“I have enough parts for 100 figures,” Morris told The Irish News. “Although I’m hoping that I don’t have to send that many.”

“All of the parts are genuine Lego and sourced from their extensive back catalogue,” he added. “The figure does, however, hold a custom-printed tile of my ‘CV’.”

LEGO CV by Andy Morris

Morris also explained that sifting through all the paperwork that comes with job applications is boring – for both applicants and employers – so he decided to do something different. His LEGO CV will not only make the hiring process more fun, but also make his file stand out.

“Everything in life should be fun, even applying for jobs, and while conventional CVs are great for conveying past accomplishments they’re limited on what personality, creativity and innovation you can inject into them,” he said.

“Along comes my figure, hopefully demonstrating the above, plus, who doesn’t want to receive a LEGO figure through the post!”

LEGO CV by Andy Morris

You can see more of Andy Morris’ work by heading here.

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