Found At E Minor: German artist transforms ordinary walls into jaw-dropping murals

German artist Florian Geyer turns common spaces, like rooms, offices and hallways, into impressive art displays. Parents, this is what happens when you allow your kids to paint on the walls!

Florian has a small Youtube channel with just over a hundred subscribers called The Artworker, where he posts time-lapses of his creative process. His work mainly revolves around converting common household spaces into spectacular murals.

First, he takes into account the particular arrangement and lighting of the room or area he is going to paint in and integrates his creations to its surroundings. He begins outlining the illustrations with a pencil or a charcoal, and uses all kinds of tools from there – like brushes, rolls and even spray guns.

Aside from speed-painting sessions, Geyer also posts guides and tutorials about different drawing techniques. Among the various lessons available, he gives aspiring artists a glimpse into the process of creating portraits, realistic trees, and 101’s on pen and pencil drawing.

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