Frances Abbott sticks it to her ex-Prime Minister father Tony in heartfelt speech on gay marriage

Frances Abbott, youngest daughter of dinosaur former prime minister Tony, has further publicised her support for gay marriage in a video shared on Facebook by Australian Marriage Equality.

In stark (and brilliant) contrast to her father’s stubborn support of the ‘No’ vote, Frances spoke about her views on same-sex couples in a fist-pumping display of compassion.

For her, she needs to look no further than her auntie’s same-sex partnership for inspiration.

“I look at Aunty Chris and I don’t think she planned to fall in love with Virginia,” she said.

“You can’t help who you fall in love with.”

Frances has shown nothing can stop her from speaking out for what she believes is right, and it isn’t the first time she has done say. In a recent post on Instagram, Frances showed off a brand new T-shirt:

Saying her father will be voting ‘no’ would be an understatement, given the former (thank god) prime minister is actively campaigning to prevent the law being changed. Indeed, after a quiet patch by his standards, old mate Tone has been back in the headlines for more than just scary articles about homosexuality: he got headbutted, was painted marrying himself and had to hear a judge say it’s fine to call him a c***.

But Frances has shown not even her father’s views can change how she feels about the issue.

“Well I think it’s well known that within my family we have people that sit on the other side of the fence. my mother and my father raisde me to stand up for what i believe in,” she said.

“I think marriage equality would be society a much better place.”

Watch the full video below and take a moment to appreciate there are still some sensible people in this country.