An obscure Aussie song is soaring up the iTunes charts for just the best reason

Starving fans that haven’t eaten since the early 80s and new converts are singing along at home. The Richmond club song has been climbing up iTunes music charts. “Oh we’re from TIGERLAND” has been outplaying more frequent chart-toppers like Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande

It’s currently sitting at #37, beating out huge hits like ‘Despacito’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle On The Hill’.

The track has been around for 55 years so hopefully entertainer Jack Malcolmson is enjoying the proceeds of his sporty banger.

The rampaging Tigers are on a momentous roll. Out playing, out popularising and now out…musicing their opponents.

Richmond midfielder Dustin ‘Dusty’ Martin took out the Brownlow on Monday night and the Tigers are wearing the underdog tags heading into this weekend’s Grand Final. If the Tigers manage to defeat the odds hopefully Dusty has a little space left over to fit a premiers tatt in.