Featured Image for Legendary Aussie stencil artist E.L.K. has curated an urban art auction to raise funds for the children of Syria

Legendary Aussie stencil artist E.L.K. has curated an urban art auction to raise funds for the children of Syria

Renowned Aussie stencil artist Luke Cornish (aka E.L.K.) has curated a group exhibition opening next Wednesday at which the work of some of Australia’s brightest street art talents will be sold to provide financial assistance to young Syrians affected by the ongoing civil war.

According to Amnesty International, Syria is undergoing the “worst humanitarian crisis of our time”.

The area is in political, social and military chaos. According to The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), in the period up to November 2016, there were more than 180,000 civilian casualties.

Depending on the source, the displaced population ranges between 8 to 11 million. To put that into perspective, Australia has a population of around 24 million.

Luke Cornish, who goes by the moniker E.L.K., is Australia’s most famous stencil artist. In 2012, he became the first stencil artist to become a finalist in the prestigious Archibald Prize, Australia’s most important portrait award.

He received the coveted Churchill fellowship in 2013 and his work has been exhibited around the world.

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“‘What did you do when you were little and the bombs were falling?’ Imagine a little girl asking you that, and you have to tell her that bombs didn’t fall when you were little, and she doesn’t understand; she thinks these bombings are something that every child goes through.”

With this soul crushing quote, E.L.K. explains the motivation behind the exhibition and auction. The venue will feature some of Australia’s most respected urban artists, including Adnate, Anthony Lister, Rone, Kaffeine, Steve Cross, and HA-HA.

All of the participating artists have donated an original signature piece to be shown and sold for the cause. All artworks are available for purchase right now at the official site, and the pieces that won’t get to be sold prior to the exhibition, will be auctioned on the event’s closing day.

So if you’re on the lookout for a one of-a-kind art piece you’d better hurry up.

This event will be held on September 27 and 28 at the Besser Space Gallery in Victoria. The show will be open from 11am-6pm and the auction will be held on Thursday, between 6-9pm.

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