Found At E Minor: These beautiful handmade metal bowls bring back ancient techniques

A young millennial from Kuwait has started a small enterprise that brings back ancient metal forging techniques and blends it with contemporary design to create outstanding works of art.

Kawther Al Saffar, a Kuwaiti designer and artist, launched in April a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her project, Dual Bowls, an initiative to create unique castings made with an unusual combination of metals.

The pieces can be considered either as functional objects or beautiful artworks, and are developed using traditional sand-casting methods, with molds made out of sand from the Nile River.

The method Saffar uses is not only a heartfelt homage to tradition, but is cost efficient and sustainable.

She states on her Kickstarter page: “Above all this launch is a celebration of a community of craftsmen and designers in Kuwait. We’ve brought together a lot of talented people, from all walks of life. And this campaign demonstrates the strength that Kuwait’s society provides through sharing and supporting one another.”

After experimenting with various materials, she has settled with copper, brass, nickel and zinc. The bowls come in three colours and sizes, the biggest one being 58cm in diameter and weighing almost 22 kilos.

While they have an antibacterial coating, they’re not recommended for actual food use because of the recycled materials used in their construction.

The project has since reached its Kickstarter goal and is expected to start shipping local orders in November, and international ones in late-December.

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