Featured Image for Couple try and crowdsource funds for luxury wedding in Italy, Internet ridicules them for their troubles

Couple try and crowdsource funds for luxury wedding in Italy, Internet ridicules them for their troubles

A British couple has become the target of extreme mockery on social media after they launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds for a dream wedding in Italy.

UK lovebirds Hannah Louise Miell and Jack Dudley went the crowdfunding route to round up the £6000 (almost eight thousand dollars) they need to get married in Ravello, Italy, and the internet was unimpressed with their attempts to pay for their wedding.

“You mate are a disgrace to the Royal Navy in which I served for 37 years. What a unconscionable pair of chances you to are. money grabbing greedy pair of chancers… Please put in you notice to leave the mob, so we real Matelots can get back some self respect,” one commenter said, grammar mistakes and all.

The campaign was shared more than 7000 times and attracted hundreds of comments, yet not surprisingly, it only managed to raise £55 (US$72). After just three days live the initiative was taken down on Monday night.

“Surely this is a joke? How about the millions of other people who would just like to be able to afford to rent together make a home together, pay their bills,” said one commenter, while another used the occasion to ask for some help for himself, “My Audi needs new brake pads. Instead, I’m setting up a GoFundMe page to buy a newer, bigger, faster Audi! Who’s going to help me!?”

Hannah, who works for an animal charity and Jack, who works as a submarine chef in the Royal Navy have taken the whole affair lightheartedly, despite many commenters going overboard with abuse.

29-year-old Hannah defended the initiative as a “modern and innovative way” for family and close friends to donate to their wedding, and says they never expected it to blow up in the way it did.

“When my fiancé and I started the GoFundMe page, the audience was only intended to be our family and close friends for them to be able to donate or gift to our wedding in a modern and innovative way – IF they wanted to,” she said.

“It wasn’t intended for the page to be broadcast so widely over social media and I can understand why some people may have felt upset at seeing it in this viral context.”

Well, at least they can go out to dinner with that £55… to McDonald’s or something.

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