Found At E Minor: There’s a trail in Denmark where you can find giant trolls hiding in the woods

A Danish scrap artist has put six massive wooden trolls in nature spots amidst the woods of Western Copenhagen to encourage people to stray off the popular trail and visit undiscovered and overlooked places.

The project intends to bring art out of the enclosed space of a museum and turn it into an exciting, interactive experience.

Odense native Thomas Dambo is an artist and designer who creates both sculpture and utilitarian objects out of recycled materials. Dambo is known for being a strong advocate of upcycling and frequently gives talks and workshops in schools and other institutions.

Forgotten Giants is a massive enterprise in which he built six giants out of scrap wood from demolished buildings and fallen trees. Each of the giants are accompanied by a poem engraved on a nearby stone.

Louis, Oscar, Teddy, Thomas, Little Tilde and Hill Top Trine are scattered around the woods, placed deliberately to encourage visitors to stray off the beaten paths. According to Dambo, one can visit them all in one day with the aid of a bicycle.

“I have placed all of the sculptures in places where you normally wouldn’t go, but still in places which you can reach with public transportation or preferably on your bicycle,” he told Treehugger. “They are also spread at a distance, making it possible to visit them all in a day if you go by bicycle.”

The artist has placed a map on his official website with the coordinates and some hidden clues to find them, similar to a treasure hunt.

“Most of them would be hard to find without the treasure maps available on my website, or by guessing the riddles/poems I have made on the rocks near the sculptures.”

Each of these incredibly impressive sculptures has been named after the artist who collaborated on building it, and its pose is a reference to a particular concept or idea.

You can find the treasure map and the particular story behind each of the giants at the artist’s official website.

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