Steve Irwin’s son is an amazing photographer and here are the photos to prove it

Steve Irwin may have long passed away, but his memory and love for animals live on in his son Robert’s work – and unbeknownst to many, the teen’s photography.

The 13-year-old Irwin is following in his dad’s footsteps with his passion for wildlife and his talent of showing its beauty to the world. He first picked up a camera when he was only six years old, and has now developed into a great nature photographer.

Many of his photos are so good, you’d mistake them as the work of a professional – and not of a teenage boy’s. Here take a look:

According to Robert, he attributes his interest in photography to his dad: “He was not only the most amazing dad and incredible wildlife warrior on the planet, he also had an extraordinarily artistic mind and took breathtaking photos of nature.”

Robert’s work has been widely exhibited in galleries across Australia, as well as being published regularly in Australia Zoo’s Crikey magazine. He was also named a finalist in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition, and was also a runner-up in 2016.

You can see more of Robert Irwin’s photography on his website.