Six (actually useful) life hacks every young Aussie needs to know

Let’s face it, when it comes to making everything in your life more epic, it’s the little things in life that matter – those tips and tricks that make the struggle a bit less real, and help you crush life on a daily basis.

But it seems like the same twenty-odd life hacks have been doing the rounds for five years now. It’s time for some innovative and different material.

So we’ve put together six life hacks that you’ll actually use and that actually work, specifically tailored for young Aussies.

You are MOST welcome.

Up your esky game

Pre-drinks are a sacred, time-honoured tradition in Australia. Those magical few hours before hitting the town are often almost better than the night itself. You can pick your own tunes, actually banter with someone without having to scream in their face, and most importantly, there are no lines for the bathroom.

But while you might think you’ve got your pre-game down to an art form, you can always make it a bit better.

That old life hack where you wrap your bottles in a wet paper towel before popping them in the freezer is all well and good. But when you’ve got, say, a whole case of Rekorderlig Cider (of course), doing that for each bottle is gonna be a pain in the … well … y’know where.

Instead, when you’re ice-ing up your esky, add water and salt to cool your bevvies in record time.

The salt lowers the freezing point of water, which in turn causes the ice to melt and fills your esky with ice-cold water.

This cools your drinks a hell of a lot faster than a bunch of ice cubes because it covers the entire surface area.

Don’t zoom! Take better photos on your smartphone

As mind-blowingly amazing as the cameras on smartphones are, they haven’t quite nailed the zoom yet.

The more you zoom, the more the photo becomes just one giant, blurry pixel, almost indistinguishable from the thing you’re trying to capture.

This is because smartphones use a digital zoom which spreads the subject you’re zooming in on over more pixels.

Instead, either try to get a bit closer, or just take the photo normally and then crop out the bits you don’t want. You’ll get an infinitely better image.

Free up memory on your phone

If the ‘your phone storage is almost full’ warning is an infuriating weekly occurrence in your life, then you’ll want to know how to free up space quickly.

The first thing you should do is track down a memory sweeping app. These little beauties find all the unnecessary data you don’t need (you’ll be surprised how much there is) and wipe it from your phone.

But if you need space quickly, the best quick-fix is to delete social media apps like Facebook and Snapchat and then reinstall them. That way you delete all the cached data that’s choking up heaps of your room.

Get the best sound at gigs

It doesn’t matter how good the artist is, garbage sound can ruin the experience.

While you might think getting so close to the performer you can taste their sweat is the best way to cop sweet tunes, think again.

Head back to where the soundboard is. That’s where the audio engineers are, and they’ll be adjusting the levels based on what their ears pick-up, so your best bet is to get as close to those guys and girls as possible.

Make your workouts fun

Working out can be rewarding, exhausting, inspiring and soul-crushing – but one thing they rarely are, is fun.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Game-ify your workouts and turn them from a chore into a game.

There are countless apps out there to help you transform your workout – Zombies, Run turns the streets around you into a zombie apocalypse and BullDash turns your treadmill into the running of the bulls.

Be warned though, they’re super addictive.

These creative life hacks are brought to you by our friends at Rekorderlig Cider and their legendary HÅRD CIDER 6.5%, which comes in apple and pear flavours. With cider this good, it’s really #Notahardchoice!