This is why it’s NEVER a good idea to cover your face with poster paint

What do you think will happen if you apply pink, glittery poster paint all over your face? We’ll tell you what happens. IT WON’T COME OFF!

One good day, Twitter user identified as “Leah” decided it was an excellent idea to cover her entire face with a “washable” glitter poster paint product made by Michigan-based manufacturer Palmer Paint Products. Like hey, who doesn’t want to look like Marvel’s superhero “Vision” right?

The humorous tweet has gone viral and has been featured so far in every news outlet out there from Mashable to The Mail Online. The post is so perfect, it almost works as a “how-not-to” guide.

First it documents Leah’s entire face hilariously covered with a thick coat of sparkly bright pink paint that could make a Star Wars makeup artist proud.

In the follow up pic, she shows the little bottle of paint itself, which clearly states on its label, “washes easily off skin and off most fabrics.”

The next pic is our favorite, as it shows Leah still rocking her alternative pink fashion statement after fruitlessly trying to wash it off.

Now the twist of the story here is, although the label does say it’s washable, the product is in fact a bottle of POSTER PAINT.

Why are simple things so confusing these days?

As always, Twitter didn’t disappoint and people reacted to the post with all kinds of insults and jabs at Leah’s intelligence and common sense. Some are amusing pieces of banter, while other users just went full psychopath mode, because you know, too much sugar.

“Nowhere did it say it was face paint – it’s probably means it’ll eventually wash off your hands,” one user said.

Two days later, after turning into the most famous pink faced human on the Internet, she posted a new pic trying to set the record straight and saying the whole thing was a joke.

Yeah, sure Leah. Whatever you say.