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Like father like son: Liam Gallagher’s son just roasted his cousin on Twitter

In the rich tradition of Liam Gallagher’s finest Twitter roasting tirades, his son Gene has gone on social media to unmercifully burn his cousin Anais, daughter of ex-songwriter Oasis Noel.

Yep, it looks like we’re at the beginning of a whole new generation of interfamily banteristic fun.

Liam Gallagher has always been known as one of the loudest mouths in the music business. His very public feud with fellow bandmate, and brother, Noel lead to Oasis breaking up in 2009, ending one of the most successful acts of the 90s.

Liam again made headlines earlier in the week when he was featured in an episode of BBC’s Backstage Music Pass, hilariously ranting about the decline of the music industry and how he had to make his own tea these days.

“In the ’90s I had about four people doing it—little geezer doing the kettle, our kid, some other little [bleep] doing that, and some little fuckin’ idiot doing that. Now you gotta do it fuckin’, now you got to do it yourself these days, y’know what I mean? ‘Cause these little smartarses download fuckin’ tunes for nish. And they wonder why there’s no real rock ‘n’ roll stars around—’cause this is the shit you got us doing, fuckers.”

Liam’s son, Gene, apparently got triggered by some of his cousin’s comments regarding his old man, and took to Twitter to carry out an epic burning that would made his dad proud.

Gene Gallagher, 16, said this about Anais, 17,

“Firstly, u look like ur dad [with a] blonde wig on… Secondly, u model coz u look like ur dad not coz of who u are nobody care about who u are lmao.”

Curiously, the fiery exchange isn’t that far away from a loving picture Anais posted on Instagram of the pair sharing some family time.

Big up that fam love

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Gene’s tweets echo his dad’s own Twitter slamming of his brother in June, when he hammered Noel for missing out on the One Love Manchester fundraising concert.

He tweeted at the time,

“Manchester I’d like to apologise for my brothers absence last very disappointed,” he added,


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