LAEM Sessions: Aussie duo Chymes perform their chilled tune Bloom on the Lost At E Minor rooftop

We love the melodic tones of Aussie duo, Chymes, the musical collaboration of Cameron Taylor and Kiersten Nyman. Earlier, we featured their beautiful acoustic cover of the Jon Bellion hit, All Time Low. Here we have an extra mellow version of their own song, Bloom.

We asked Cameron about their music, their production and where the Chymes band name came from.

Describe how your songwriting and production process typically works?

“The process tends to change from song to song but generally we start with a chord progression that we both like, then Kiersten will start exploring melody and lyric ideas and I will start playing with different sounds and beats.

“Once we have a rough vibe, we stop production and focus just only the lyrics/melody and story until it starts making sense and comes together. We then work on the production further and continue to explore the aesthetic and the story.”

>>Also watch Chymes perform an acoustic version of the Jon Bellion hit, All Time Low, live and acoustic

Where did the name Chymes come from?

“We spent ages trying to find something that sounded right for us. We ended up going through our music collection and looking at the song and album names for inspiration and settled on the variation of the word chimes. Chimes by Friendly Fires was the song we referenced.”

Tell us about 3 music acts that you’re REALLY digging right now.

“Kiersten has been completely obsessed with Gabriella Aplin’s song, Waking Up Slow. I have been chilling out to, and can’t get enough of, Henry Green. And Kevin Garret has been spinning a lot for us both lately. We only recently discovered him and are super into his production aesthetic and melodies.”

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