Featured Image for Guy tries to catch a rat with his cat: what could possibly go wrong?

Guy tries to catch a rat with his cat: what could possibly go wrong?

We promise this is THE BEST piece of film your eyeballs will ever fix on during your entire physical existence.

Legendary French film director Jean Luc Godard once said, the only thing you need to make  a good film is a girl and a gun. Well, with just a boy, a cat, and a rat, this 50-second, vertically shot clip not only proves Godard wrong, but accomplishes a level of artistry and sheer beauty none of his Cannes-awarded, over-hyped, pretentious films have ever even dreamt of achieving.

At first glance, the piece unveils a very simple dramatic structure. In its own way it serves as a sanitised ode to the basic action-reaction principle, similar to the classic Chaplin or Buster Keaton flicks of the 1920s that critics so wholeheartedly adore. But the real beauty of “Eu vou matar o rato!!!” is that beneath that straightforward premise lies multiple, almost infinite layers of meaning that very few of us will even dare to comprehend.

This just works in so many levels. The whole piece serves as a deep, poignant analogy to life itself. In such a short runtime it succinctly points out, without the need of artifices of any kind, that sometimes, things don’t go exactly as you plan them.

The protagonist in a sense represents all of us, the everyday layman crushed under the suffocating weight of modernity. His character evolves, from the first frame to the last, in such a nuanced and completely surprising way, it puts the writing of the Coen Brothers to complete shame.

He tries to resolve a problem according to the logic we’ve all been taught by our established education system and hundreds of Tom & Jerry episodes. Cats are natural predators of rats. Check. You have a rat in the house? If affirmative, use cat.

The train of thought is so flawless it’s almost poetry. Enjoy.

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