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Good dog intervenes in pro football match allowing home team to win the game

Forget all about Dybala’s hatrick against Sassuolo, or James’s first exquisite goal for Bayern Munich. A chubby mongrel dog showed the best footy moves among all leagues during the weekend.

Argentine’s first division, recently renamed the “Superliga” (superleague) is one of the most fierce championships in the whole world of football. Although it has seen a certain decline in quality over the past two decades, due in part to financial problems and in part to their best players leaving for Europe too young, there is no doubt the country still has some of the most respected and powerful teams in the planet.

San Lorenzo is one of the five giants of Argentine football, along with Independiente, River Plate, Racing and Boca Juniors. After a tricky start of the season, before the weekend they only had two points from their first the two matches. Despite being unbeaten, the results left them looking at their fierce rivals from the bottom half of the table.

In match day three they hosted Arsenal de Sarandi, a team even more needy for a victory, taking into account they had lost their first two matches.

The game began as expected, with San Lorenzo pressing high and Arsenal laying out a dense midfield to muddy the flow of the game.

Along the 28th minute of the second half, with the score still nil nil, a little dog jumped on the field to show off his own skills. The cute furry footballer flinched and dribbled with the ball delaying the game for a couple of minutes prior to a corner kick.

Some of the players tried to recapture the ball, but the silky four-legged star was just too quick for everybody. Stadium staff intervened and the match could resume at last, but at that point the canine had done his job in favour of the home team. His intervention had broken up Arsenal’s concentration and their defence reacted a second too late to the corner kick, allowing full back Marcos Senesi to head the ball and give San Lorenzo the victory.

Arsenal players protested of course, but the damage had been done. At the end San Lorenzo won with that lonely goal and climbed to the 10th position of the league, while poor Arsenal was left at the very bottom of the table, with no points out of 3 matches.

The unexpected star of the match was interviewed by a local station afterwards, when he eloquently explained the tactical reasoning behind his move. And tried to eat the microphone.

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