Featured Image for General Pants advertises new store with controversial video of naked people drinking coffee

General Pants advertises new store with controversial video of naked people drinking coffee

The popular clothing company faced backlash on social media and pretty much left us all scratching our heads when it decided to promote its new flagship store on Sydney’s George Street with a picture of a naked woman.

We don’t know if it’s a case of blatant laziness or their publicists going really meta, but the massive fashion retailer which has dozens of stores all over Australia, used a rather dull photograph of a naked woman with blurred private parts as part of its latest advertising campaign.

Similarly, their online ad shows naked men and women drinking coffee, playing acoustic guitar and skateboarding along George Street and all of the sudden having the urge to run into the new store to find some clothes. Maybe the production was just cutting on costume expenses?

Users went to Facebook to express their dislike towards the rather lukewarm concept and production value of the new ads, some even calling them misogynistic and disgusting.

One customer posted, “You’ve just lost 4 customers and anyone else who asks me where to buy jeans I’ll be telling about your disgusting advertising ploys. How disappointing when you have great products – but I’m not giving you my money when you go so low with objectifying women in your ads. I’m truly disgusted!”

Another woman said, “I’m genuinely curious: what does a naked, faceless woman’s body have to do with your store and its apparel? What goods are you advertising and what was your goal when coming up with this advertising campaign? These aren’t rhetorical questions by the way. I’d love to discuss this with your team and hear your reasoning. (Bonus points if it doesn’t include “she’s naked because she hasn’t bought clothes from General Pants of course!”). I ask because it seems that you’re relying on the objectification of women to sell a product. Do you need help reaching out to young, potential shoppers? Are you out of ideas? I’m very creative and happy to help brainstorm some less misogynistic imagery to boost your brand”

So what do you think? Lazy? Sexist? Misogynistic? Opportunist? Or are we just not ready for so much allegory?


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