Featured Image for We crowd-sourced the best fan-shot sports videos in Australia: here are the winners

We crowd-sourced the best fan-shot sports videos in Australia: here are the winners

For the second time in The Roar’s history, they’re announcing the winners of the Club Roar Awards, which means they’re giving away $10,000 in prize money!

They are celebrating the highlights and the lowlights of local sport by watching thousands of user-submitted videos, and picking the best of the best and the best of the worst.

For this round of judging they also enlisted the help of Olympic gold medallist Steven Bradbury.

If you or someone from your club entered this round of Club Roar Awards, read on to see whose shout it is.

The most coveted Club Roar prize is the Most Popular Video award, and the winner has netted $2000.

This goalkeeper and defender combined but couldn’t stop the Eastern Lions scoring a goal and we couldn’t stop watching these two fly through the air in perfect synchronicity. You’ll want to watch this one a few times.

Congratulations Ian Dunn on capturing this great footage.

The Beastmode category celebrates an unstoppable performance from a player who is simply in another league to everyone else around them. For this round no-one could stop Kyle Van Lantern’s footage of Callum MacDonald from Iona College.

Epic Lowlights are a pleasure to judge and we’re sure that poor Tom will be feeling a lot better about Archie driving a ball into his head during filming now that he knows he’s earned the Horsham Saints Cricket Club $1000.

The Tomorrow’s Stars category is for the best performances by players under 18. Alessandro Patrielli won himself $1000 worth of lunch money after submitting this video of Joseph Kandalaft from St Joseph’s College. Watch him run circles around the competition.

The Pure Skill award is for no fluke, this is for the best of the best. This round Ross Palframan submitted this amazing run from one end of the field to the other by the Associates rugby union Club.

The Dream Team award celebrates the perfect plays when the whole team is in perfect harmony, singing from the same song sheet. This round nobody could beat these effortless passes from St George Under 15s, who made this goal look like it was played on FIFA in easy mode. Adam Adams will get the $1000 prize.

The Jaw-dropper needs to be seen to be believed. These ninja-like reflexes from a Dandenong bowler against the Geelong Cricket Club have earned Heath Farnsworth $1000.

While women are obviously eligible for all categories there’s the Women in Sports award that is only for the girls. Check out this outstanding performance by Oneata Schwalger dominating her competition. She has secured herself $1000.

It’s a case of deja vu in more ways than one with the winner of the Funniest Video Award. The most popular video was also voted the funniest which means Ian Dunn has really earned his keep for filming the synchronised dive. We told you that you’d be watching this one a few times.

Finally, while we love our Australian sports performers, it’s always good to check out the competition from overseas. There’ll be plenty of Australian rugby players glad this Old Boys University winger is playing her club rugby in New Zealand not here.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Find out more about Club Roar here.

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