Croatian billboard roasted Melania Trump so savagely her lawyers stepped in

A Croatian language school has gotten into trouble for billboards depicting United States First Lady Melania Trump.

The billboards, which were scattered around the Croatian capital Zagreb, showed the First Lady against the backdrop of an American flag alongside the words ‘Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English’.

Melanie Trump hails from neighbouring Slovenia, but moved to the US decades ago to continue her career as a model before attracting the attention of a flashy property developer named Donald Trump who we’ve been hearing a lot from lately for some reason.

The school responsible for the billboards – the Americki Institut (American Institute) – was threatened with legal action from Melania Trump’s lawyer and later decided to remove them.

The First Lady’s lawyer said the firm were still looking at further legal steps but were satisfied that the school had taken down the advertisements.

The school responded by saying that the ads were not meant to take the mickey out of the first lady, but were simply saying that she was a (semi) local inspiration who should be a role model. They did say that the campaign had been incredibly successful.

They intend to re-launch the advertising campaign for another round – albeit without the First Lady’s image.