She’ll be back! Linda Hamilton to return alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 6

Anyone who’s seen the seemingly never-ending run of Terminator sequels in recent years, you’d know that Terminator just isn’t Terminator without the original cast.

Sorry Christian Bale, but I’d take Judgement Day re-runs – complete with leather Arnie on a motorbike and Sarah Connor pumping iron in prison – over these new ones any day of the week.

So fans of the only first two Terminator movies would have rejoiced this week when it was announced that Linda Hamilton – who has been absent on screen in the Terminator franchise since Terminator 2 – was signing on again for the upcoming Terminator 6.

The return of Schwarzenegger to the sequel had already been announced, while director James Cameron – who was involved in the only two good Terminator movies – has signed on as a producer. Tim Miller of Deadpool fame will direct the film.

Alongside Sigourney Weaver’s Lt Ripley, Hamilton’s Sarah Connor set the standard for female action stars in the 80s and 90s. Cameron – who was briefly married to Hamilton in the 90s – heralded her return in a time when roles for older women in Hollywood are few and far between.

“There are 50-year-old guys and 60-year-old guys out there killing bad guys, but there isn’t an example of that for women” Cameron said.

Terminator 6 is expected for release in 2018.