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There’s a children’s book in Japan about a talking butt that solves crime … No, for real!

For years, there has been a popular children’s book in Japan that stars a talking buttock detective. The character is so famous, it’s now being adapted into animation.

Toei Animation, producer of international anime hits like Dragon Ball, One Piece and Sailor Moon, is teaming up with book publisher Popurasha to create a series of  short web animations based on Oshiri Tantei, which literally means “Buttocks Detective”.

The singular character is the star of a set of children’s illustrated books written and drawn by “Tororu”, the pseudonym for the creative team of writer Yōko Tanaka and illustrator Masahide Fukasawa. The series depicts a sage butt that solves crimes with the aid of a, let’s say, very unusual superpower.

The series also features a wild assortment of anthropomorphic animals and indescribable creatures – as expected in any Japanese show. The whole thing is like a gross version of Sherlock Holmes if written on LSD.

The project doesn’t have a release date yet, and there’s still no information regarding how many episodes there will be. So far, Toei has only confirmed the series will air on their official YouTube channel and on the YouTube KIDS app which was launched in Japan last June.

The Japanese are not strangers to freakishly weird premises for their kid shows. They already have Donyatsu, which depicts a world where humans have gone extinct and the only survivors are half cat, half pastry hybrid creatures. Like donuts? Like kittens? Then this is exactly your jam.

Should I mention they also have a show starring a poop fairy? Yep. Unko-san is a poop fairy that helps out its friends by granting them their wishes in unusual and quirky ways.

Oh Japan, what a place.

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