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Russian mechanics create a gigantic fidget spinner out of cars

Amid the current fidget spinner craze, a group of Russian motor enthusiasts tried to build a monstrous fidget spinner made out of cars. And we don’t mean toy cars, they used real automobiles.

The Garage 54 team took three Lada Samaras and welded them together in an attempt to create an enormous version that annoying little toy that’s driving school teachers crazy around the globe.

Surprisingly, they pulled it off. Well, mostly. While their hideous metallic beast didn’t behave quite like a fidget spinner, they did manage to get the three-headed monster to wheel around.

At first they attempted to make it rotate with all three motors pulling at the same time, but the tug of war just made the construction stay in place while the three machines worked against themselves.

That particular approach only lead them to break one of the engines. After many more attempts, the Novosibirsk-based team of mechanics finally managed to get their automotive Frankenstein to spin by using only one of the machines as the driving force of the giant spinner.

“You saw it yourself. It looks like a real spinner. We didn’t get the crazy spinning, as the cars started to break down,” one of the team members said. “But still we managed to drive three cars at once.”

Garage 54 is actually a very popular YouTube channel with almost 700,000 subscribers. Their show is sort of an hybrid between MTV’s now defunct Pimp My Ride and the popular series Mythbusters. In their videos, Garage 54 tortures old cars while trying to pull off the craziest of automotive experiments.

Previous entries have seen them split a car in half and attempt to make a motor work on wooden pistons. There’s even one clip in which they take a Lada 1300 and turn it into a crazy gyrating vehicle.

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