Found At E Minor: Artist spends 30 hours turning a decrepit wall into a spectacular mural

Rilke Guillén is a half-Mexican, half-Catalan artist who blends Latin American folklore with contemporary street art influences. He recently dazzled the Internet with his neon bright murals that conjure the energy of Diego Rivera and Bansky.

Guillén is an insatiable explorer of various techniques that range from canvas painting and sculpture to graphic design. Reddit went crazy when someone posted this past July a three minute time-lapse of him turning a rundown graffiti ridden wall into a radiant multi-coloured mural he named K7 Xochicoatl.

The post garnered more than 45,000 upvotes and was re-posted several times in different sub-reddits, turning Rilke in to a viral art sensation overnight.

The work was a commissioned piece by the building owner, who wanted to get rid of the shabby graffiti and give the structure a much-needed facelift.

The work above, K7 Xochicoatl, took about 30 hours to be completed over the course of three days.

Rilke’s works could just as easily belong to an anthropological museum or in a neon billboard in Tokyo. Naked women with bulldog heads, bright coloured mythological creatures wrapped in safety tape… Guillén’s world is one where modernity clashes with the traditional.

Check out Rilke Guillén’s website to see more of his art or follow him on Instagram, where he posts time-lapses of his work.

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