Featured Image for Cheetos is opening a new restaurant that serves Cheetos-crusted cheesecake

Cheetos is opening a new restaurant that serves Cheetos-crusted cheesecake

Are you a Cheetos fan? If you’re screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” then prepare yourself, because we are about to make your entire day.

Cheetos decided to expand their product’s horizons by opening up a new restaurant in New York which primarily features dishes starring, you guessed it, Cheetos.

We’re talking Cheetos meatballs, Cheetos tacos, fried pickles crusted with Cheetos, and yes, even Cheetos-crusted cheesecake for all the Cheetos lovers who have a sweet tooth.

The new restaurant at 211 West Broadway, fittingly named Spotted Cheetah, features dishes from celebrity chef Anne Burrell.

Supposedly (and understandably), the Cheetos team sampled the entire menu before the grand opening of Spotted Cheetah on Tuesday, August 15th.

According to senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay Ryan Matiyow, “the team favourite is the mac and cheese.”

The Flamin’ Hot and White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheetos has a “phenomenal flavour and texture” and “the pop of Cheetos adds an extra flavour,” he reported.

Although the Spotted Cheetah seems like an outlandish restaurant design, it’s worth mentioning that in the past the Frito-Lay brand has been successful with odd interactive activities – so it’s possible to assume that Spotted Cheetah might just be the next big thing.

Take a moment to check out Burrell’s specially crafted one-of-a-kind Cheetos menu!

A plate of Cheetos fried pickles.

A bowl of Cheetos meatballs.

A Cheetos sandwich and Cheetos drink.

A plate of Cheetos tacos.