Featured Image for WATCH: Aussie bloke torches bank for making him wait, immediately regrets it

WATCH: Aussie bloke torches bank for making him wait, immediately regrets it

Does waiting in long queues make you want to stamp your feet? Maybe swear a little? How about douse the joint in petrol and literally set it on fire?

On November 18 last year, Nur Islam turned a Melbourne Commonwealth Bank branch into a fiery inferno.

But while the 22-year-old admits to causing the blaze, he has entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ to the Melbourne Magistrates Court based on the claim he had no intention of injuring anyone and thought the victims had already escaped the building when he started the fire.

During Mr Islam’s committal hearing, the court heard he visited the bank earlier in the day to withdraw $442. He left the establishment consumed by anger after staff took too long to assist him.

Prosecutors alleged Mr Islam bought the petrol, walked to the bank and set it alight as an act of retribution.

If it really was an act of retribution, it doesn’t look like it panned out exactly how Mr Islam expected – that or he didn’t think past putting a flame to a pool of extremely flammable liquid.

Because almost as soon as the fire started, Mr Islam was engulfed in flames and suffered the worst injuries of any of the victims with burns to 60% of his body.

It’s weird how standing in a puddle of petrol, wearing petrol-soaked pants and holding a petrol-filled container could lead to trouble if you decide to pull out a lighter.

33 people in total were injured as a result of his long-queue fury, but thankfully there were no fatalities. The court ordered Mr Islam undergo a mental health assessment before standing trial.