Featured Image for Justin Trudeau wore a pair of Chewbacca socks at an international summit, melts even more hearts

Justin Trudeau wore a pair of Chewbacca socks at an international summit, melts even more hearts

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau made more than a few heads turn when he appeared at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York wearing a pair of majestic Chewbacca socks.

The Bloomberg Global Business Forum held this September 20th during UN General Assembly week was an event put up basically to discuss how on earth are we going to save the world from the current mess we’re in right now.

The invite-only gathering reunited heavy hitters in the world political and economic stage to address the most pressing issues of today, like job creation and economic growth, international trade, inequality and climate change.

And what could Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau do in the face of such an important concourse?

Well, rock a pair of $20 Chewbacca socks of course!

The Internet went completely ballistic and everybody and their dog landed on Twitter to give their take on the intergalactic fashion statement.

It’s not the only time Trudeau has shown his knack for fun socks and Star Wars.

In fact, that’s kind of his thing. On last May 4th, – Star Wars day – he wore R2D2 and C3PO socks to meet the Irish prime minister at the time, Enda Kenny. He’s worn stripes, polka dots, and almost every color of the rainbow.

Literally, like in June, when he wore a rainbow printed pair during a Gay Pride flag-raising ceremony in Ottawa.

His socks have been such an integral part of his political message, The New York Times even made a whole piece about it.

In a world of terrible natural disasters, globalization under attack, and Donald Trump storming the UN like a used car salesman, it’s certainly refreshing to see somebody attempting to set things straight, along with a bit of style.

Btw, you can buy your own pair of Chewbacca socks at Stance.

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