Guy belts out Pearl Jam’s Even Flow while getting arrested

Well, if you’re going to get arrested, you might as well go down in style.

A&E’s Live PD – a show which follows a group of US police officers and the things they have to deal with everyday – released a clip of a rather amusing arrest.

While being arrested, the man, accused of trespassing, asked the officers, “You guys wanna hear a song?” He then proceeded to belt out Pearl Jam’s 1991 hit Even Flow.

The guy even added that Peal Jam is his “religion.” We can relate… but is now the best time to announce that?

Is he crazy, or the smartest crim out there? Because he definitely gained himself some fans in the process of being arrested.

The clip was shared on YouTube and your regular internet supporters got on board to add a range of comments.

kila11 commented:
“What is he being arrested for?? This guy is awesome. Lol”

Reyyan said:
“This is wayy more funny than i expected, give this man a medal! i’m really wondering by the way, what did he do? If someone get the answer let me know please.”

Nathan B. added:

“Man he actually did a justice lmao”

The caption on the clip said officers were responding to a trespassing call, but we reckon this guy was arrested for being too damn self-confident. Hey, Pearl Jam, wanna bail him out?