Everyone is now making fun of the iPhone X’s weird notch

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, many were blown away by its stunning edge-to-edge display. That is until they noticed that odd notch at the top.

The notch contains the smartphone’s camera, speakers, and multiple Face ID sensors. That’s pretty standard, but the detail that has everyone up in arms is Apple’s design choice of leaving two gaps – or ‘ears’ – on the notch’s sides.

It’s aggravating to see the clock, battery, network, and Wi-Fi signals crammed into two small spaces. What’s more, this presents weird implications for photos, videos, and games played on full screen. Here, take a look.

Designers echoed this sentiment, criticising Jony Ive and Apple for their poor design choice.

Some even presented mockups to try and improve the feature.

Of course, others came up with memes to make light of the development.

Would you still get an iPhone X, even with its hideous notch?

iPhone X orders start on October 27, Friday. It will have a price tag of at least US$999 (AUS$1,579), making it the most expensive iPhone ever.