Artist responds to Trump’s sexism by drawing him in the most fabulous dresses

Amsterdam-based artist Jet Nijkamp is hitting back at Donald Trump’s “dress like women” remarks by dressing HIM like women.

In February, the White House issued a policy telling its female staffers to “dress like women.” The directive was deemed as sexist, and many took to social media to express their anger. Nijkamp, however, she channeled her frustration through art.

In her series Dress Like A Woman, she presents Trump exactly the way he wants his female staffers to dress. Using pastel, she draws on newspaper clippings of POTUS, covering his usual suit and tie with colourful dresses.

Nijkamp’s works were recently on display at the Nasty woman Exhibition Amsterdam, where almost 200 artists participated. The show was held to protest against threats to women’s rights and planned parenthood. The proceeds from the exhibition went to fund various women’s charities.

“By selling my Trump-pastels I made Trump contribute to these organizations in spite of his ban on public support for them,” she told Bored Panda.

If you happen to be in London, you can see Nijkamp’s pastels over at the Nasty Women Exhibition London, which runs from September 21 to October 1.