John Kelly couldn’t deal with Trump’s UN speech, and Twitter had an absolute field day

Amazing pictures have been circulating of White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly at the UN. While his boss was absolutely kooking it on the mic, big John had his head in his hands in the disappointment and disbelief that we now permanently exist since the main man, Trumpy, has been calling the shots.

The ~leader~ of the free world served up an earbashing to North Korea. While Trump saw fit to repeatedly kick a hornet’s nest and called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” it all became too much for Kelly. His head sunk shamefully into his hands in the questioning-my-own-existence pose.

Obviously the pics have spread like wildfire and Kelly is now a talisman for the way we all feel. Melania tops it off nicely in the foreground, stony-faced. She’s obviously still seething about being bullrushed off stage after copping a formal handshake from her…..husband.

It’s the second time Kelly has done the nah nah nah-nah-nah, fingers in ears, pretend it isn’t happening thing. He did the same thing when Donald was failing to condemn neo-nazis in Charlottesville. He’s starting to get a rep and the people love him for it.

(Image credit: Associated Press)