This Aussie reporter kept getting rejected at the Emmys, and it’s bloody hilarious

Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew may have got the cold shoulder on the Emmys red carpet, but the reporter turned the tables on Hollywood’s elite with this hilarious compilation.

Determined to leave LA with something to show for it, Bartholomew made a clip from what she calls her “very best snubs” and presented it in an on-air segment.

“It was absolute mayhem, it was absolute chaos on the red carpet yesterday and we really learnt the hard way, it’s not what you know it’s certainly who you know in Hollywood,” she said to Sunrise hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage.

Sunrise reporter snubbed by Susan Sarandon

It wasn’t just one or two celebrities that wouldn’t give Bartholomew the time of day.

Jane Fonda, James Corden, Zoe Kravitz, Claire Foy, Elizabeth Moss, John Lithgow, Gillian Anderson, Susan Sarandon and Liev Schreiber all completely snubbed the Aussie reporter.

While some simply said ‘no’, shook their heads or pointed towards the venue as some weak form of apology, others simply glided by in the most awkward way possible.

An honourable mention to Sarandon’s deer-caught-in-headlights impression and Shrieber’s ability to ignore Bartholomew’s classic comment about his son.

Full kudos to Edwina and the Sunrise crew for being self-aware enough to compile the snubs.