Found At E Minor: This adorable little robot will melt your heart, and cut your weeds at the same time

Weeding is one of the most time-consuming and bothersome gardening tasks there are. Luckily, there’s a ruthless, methodical, and (let’s face it) adorable robot to take care of the dirty work for you.

Introducing the mighty Tertill, a little robot designed to assiduously patrol your garden, locate and terminate weeds without you even noticing it.

The mechanical weed killer designed by Boston based Franklin Robotics costs around AUS$400, runs on solar power and weighs about 2.5-pounds (1.1-kg).

The Tertill uses four little rover wheels mounted on the robot’s bottom, all angled outward from the robot’s cylindrical center.

This angled, four-wheeled design makes it possible for the little bot to trudge through difficult terrain and traverse graded slopes of an inclination up to 22 degrees. But it’s in between the wheels that we find Tertill’s primary weapon: a nylon string weed whacker on its belly.

The project was made possible thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign which managed to round up $312,810, surpassing their $120,000 initial goal.

Franklin Robotics intends to add other cool features to the weed killer in the near future, like the ability to spray pest repellents, a nifty scarecrow function, and enhanced sensors to evaluate soil quality.

The Tertill robot is available to preorder now and the first batch of Tertill units is expected to ship by May 2018 for a discounted price of $250.

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