Found at E Minor: Specdrums is the gadget you need in your life

Whether you make music for a living or you just like hitting stuff and making noises (guilty!), we have discovered the niftiest gadget in recent memory.

Meet Specdrums, a series of small rings which make your immediate environment a ridiculously amusing sound machine by turning colours into music. Using a simple smartphone app, you can program the ring to associate the colour of objects around you – such as a red t-shirt or a blue sticky note – with specific sounds. From there, just wear the rings and tap away – voilà, you are musically talented!

The gadget comes with heaps of sounds and styles including keyboards, drum kits and even animal noises. What’s more, you can draw your own colourful instruments or create something truly unique using your own sound effects and recordings.

Specdrums are compatible with virtually anything colourful.

You can even link the app with editing software like GarageBand to get right into the production of your own finger-tapping tune. Plus, you can annoy your mates by sending your looped recording through text or social media (we will not be held accountable for any friendships ended in this way).

Specdrums is an app-enabled gadget that can turn anything into a sound machine.

If the range of possible tunes you can create with DIY instruments isn’t enough to get you excited, get this: the Specdrums team have made available an open-source iOS App and Linux & Mac OSX Python Library to give developers a chance to create their own applications. Think: modified games of Twister, colour blindness aids or even LED clothing that reacts to different colours.

Find out more by heading to the Specdrums website or by checking out their Kickstarter campaign.

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