Featured Image for Designer creates business cards that are ONLY visible when seen through light

Designer creates business cards that are ONLY visible when seen through light

We’ve featured Canadian designer, Dori Pankowska, four times on Lost At E Minor over the years, and each time she seems to elevate the bar again for out-of-the-box lateral thinking. Yep, she is NEVER devoid of an idea.

Following on from her super-creative crayon business cards, this time Pankowska wanted to make a very simple card. So she made it blank. “The trick? Use light to see the information hidden in the card.”


Dorota Pankowska business card design

Dorota Pankowska business card design

We spoke to Dori Pankowska to find out more.

You like to subvert the ‘traditional’ business card with clever, cool, creative alternatives. Why?

“I like to examine creative possibilities. I’ve always been one of those people who is jealous of other peoples’ ideas and I would always say to myself ‘I wish I’d thought of that!’ Once an idea is out there, it’s out there, and people can copy it. But there’s something awesome about being ‘the first’ to put that idea out there.

“So, I sometimes try to do that, and I’ve always seen those ‘Top Creative Business Cards’ posts around the Internet and wanted to challenge myself to make some new ones.

Dorota Pankowska business card design

Where did the idea for the ‘light view’ business card come from?

“I’ve been really enjoying simple design and lots of blank space in the past year or two, especially when it comes to product design.

“When the time came to think of a new business card design, I thought to myself ‘what would be the most simple business card design ever?’ and after lots of contemplation, I always ended up coming back to it looking one way: blank.

“So I decided to work with that, and I had to think of a special way to still gather information from the card. Using light seemed the easiest since we all have smartphones with flashlights nowadays.”

Dorota Pankowska business card design

The crayon business card went viral globally. Any cool stories or experiences come on the back of that?

“Well, I got to be on the radio locally to chat about the cards – that was a first! I also got to turn it into a fun agency project when a Creative Director really liked the idea.

“I had a lot of emails from people asking to commission me to make some for their own companies, but these types of projects can be draining and time-consuming so I never ended up accepting any of the offers.”

Dorota Pankowska business card design

Tell us a piece of random trivia about yourself that very few people know.

“Fun fact: a random person from the Internet once swatted me (sent a SWAT team to my house) at 3am and they didn’t even know my address. All it took was my phone number.”

If you could’ve been a creative in any other era through history, where/when and who would’ve you hung out with?

“I’d probably would have loved to have grown up in the mid-90’s to hang out with Andy Warhol and his friends.”

See more of Dori Pankowska’s inspiring design work here.

Dorota Pankowska business card design