Featured Image for According to Buzzfeed, “It” and the Babadook are actually a couple

According to Buzzfeed, “It” and the Babadook are actually a couple

It appears the well-intended people at Buzzfeed have decided to concoct a far-fetched homoerotic fantasy between fictional characters from the two of the most successful horror films of the past few years.

We all know some Buzzfeed articles need to be taken with a grain of salt – perhaps a really BIG grain of salt.

Indeed, their antics garnered the world’s attention earlier in the year when they shared a 35-page “intelligence” dossier – actually just a list of unsubstantiated, scandalous allegations – purposefully designed to damage Donald Trump.

Their editorial motto, “When in doubt, publish.” in a way exemplifies why mainstream press has lost its credibility among the general public.

This time, following a particular train of thought they’ve come to the conclusion that IT and The Babadook are a couple. No for real. And it goes like this:

First, we have the Babadook. This terrifying being is the very manifestation of grief and sorrow who starred in one of the most popular Australian films of the decade. Yet the internet, somehow, someway, found a way to turn it into a LGBT icon.

And then we have Pennywise, the creepy interdimensional being/alien/whatever-the-hell-he-is from Stephen King’s hit 80s novel, “It”. The character is currently red hot on social media due to the recent release of the novel’s latest film adaptation. How he’s gay is beyond me.

Anyway, Buzzfeed has smashed and re mixed the craziest tweets from conspiracy theorists all over the net to conclude that these two creatures are indeed in a relationship.

But wait, this merits a second thought. If we ought to believe Buzzfeed and their credible sources and wholeheartedly accept that these two are in fact dating, they kind of, sort of, might be more to it than meets the eye.

Because if we recall correctly, Pennywise lays eggs. So he can’t be a male, right? And the Babadook is a manifestation from the mind of a female, so that kind of makes it a female too, doesn’t it?

Therefore, we can conclude that if these cuties are together, Buzzfeed got it half right. They’re not gay men. They’re lesbians.

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