The largest street art museum in the world is now open in Berlin

The five-story street art museum – touted as the largest of its kind in the world – features murals and installations from over a hundred artists. And the best part? In keeping with the spirit of the art form, it’s completely free.

Called the Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, the indoor-outdoor museum is located in Berlin’s Schoneberg neighbourhood.

Upon arriving, visitors are greeted by massive murals painted on the building’s façade. Once inside, guests can find walls adorned with artworks, a courtyard filled with sculptures, and a library stocked with literature about the once-underground art form.

There’s also an auditorium for workshops and live performances, as well as spaces to be used for research and exchange programs centered on urban art.

“This isn’t about trying to squeeze something that belongs on the street into a house,” Yasha Young, the project’s director and curator, said. “It’s about giving these artists the backbone of a living, breathing museum, protecting their work, and letting people get up close to experience something that’s often painted over.”

Although similar museums have come before it, the place is the first to serve all genres of urban contemporary art. Currently on display are original and exclusive pieces from over 100 street artists, including 1010, Shepard Fairey, Evol, and Olek.

“It’s going to be incredible to walk into this space,” Young added. “It used to be that there was nowhere you could go to learn about street art. Hopefully, this museum will help to tell the stories of some of the key figures and emerging artists involved, and show who these people are on the inside.”

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