Guy gets worst possible tattoo just before a breakup

Ever done something you regret while away on a trip? This bloke just redefined holiday hangovers with a blunder that’s an important lesson for all of us: don’t get a spontaneous tattoo after a few bevvies.

We’ve all seen the ‘I luv (insert lover’s name)’ or the poorly drawn cartoon character on the butt cheek, but Malakye Brooks has taken tattoo regret to a whole new level.

After Malakye arrived in Ibiza for some fun with the lads, he met up with his girlfriend, who was also at the infamous party destination with friends. The pair promptly decided it would be a grand idea to get sloshed and hit the tattoo parlour.

Malakye needed some ideas and asked his better half for a suggestion, but she didn’t suggest the name-in-a-love-heart or any other cliche tat. No, she simply said “me with my tits out”.

At this point, it would be an understatement to say Malayke should have been hearing alarm bells. You would think there would be piercing klaxons reverberating through his skull like a nuclear warning at an airfield, complete with gigantic red flags being emphatically raised everywhere he looked.

But nah. Instead, Malayke just did it without a second thought. To make matters worse, the pair broke up soon after he spent four hours getting her bare chest permanently etched on his back.

Unless Malayke is willing to foot the bill for a costly and potentially scarring removal, we can’t wait to hear how he explains this one to his grandkids.

Naked girlfriend tattoo

Credit: Malakye Brooks

Feature image credit: Malayke Brooks.

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